Top 5 Sector in Australia Implementing Drupal

Since I have temporarily moved to Australia to pursue my MIT degree, I did a few research in my spare time to figure out how much Aussie’s are influenced by Drupal. From the outcome, I was quite astonished and overwhelmed that Australia has such an immense market place in Drupal. With an amazing array of Government, Educational, Health sector and non-profit sites being built in Drupal and number of high profile company opting for it, you can easily say that Australia is the place of fortune to build your career in Drupal. Today I am going to list down few of the top sites made in Drupal in Australia in a different sector.

1. Government Sector

To begin with, Drupal here has a profound impact on the government sector. Almost 150 top government sites are powered by Drupal. In fact, Aussie government did make initiative of building custom CMS forking Drupal and providing SASS and PASS services a few years ago which was named as GOVCMS Later. Few of the top government sites are , , , , . After seeing this kind of prestigious profiles like Prime Minister, NSW, Australian Government using Drupal, you can easily say that Drupal is highly trusted by the government of Australia. With Such an amazing list, Australian Government has a pure test like Drupal by itself. Few of the other list I wanted to share are: , , , , , , , , .

2. Health Sector

Health here is a bigger concern in Australia, and technology has high control on it too. Few of the government website provides end-to-end data services to provide a different range of information in health and welfare substance in high confidentiality and privacy manner to provide world class services to all citizens. Some of the top notch websites use Drupal as their benefactor which not only help in changing of the government policy that could harm the interest of patients but also, provide information to do research in health issues. Here is the few list of the website made in Health section in Drupal: Medical Association), Government National Health and Medical Research Council) South Health Brisbane), News) Disease),,

3. Educational Sector

Not only on the government and Health sector Drupal has left its footprint here in the Educational sector too. As I know that Australian Education is getting better every year and based on the report provided by , 27 Australian universities are included among the world’s best until 2018 where 7 University lies in top 100 in the global ranking. Out of top 10 universities ranked in Australia, 5 University has trusted Drupal as their CMS which is really amazing isn’t it? I am going to list down few on the table below:

University Name

University Ranking(In Australia)

Global Ranking

Official Website

Australian National University(ANU)



University of New South Wales(UNSW)



The University of Queensland(UQ)



The University of Western Australia(UWA)



University of Technology Sydney(UTS)



Also taking about global reputation of Drupal, both Harvard University and the University of Oxford who has always maintained their nomination list on top of the world renowned University has also elected their platform as Drupal. The reason behind this could be better management of content, Security, flexibility in both structure and usability and also the SEO also seems to love Drupal very much.

4. Entertainment and VIP’s

As you already know some of the prevalent names in the entertainment industry has already embrace Drupal years ago like WWE , DCOMICS , Eric Clapton etc. Here in Australia some of the biggest fast food company, entertainment, and traveling company has endorsed Drupal to serve their people too. Among them, Energy Australia , Virgin Travel , Brisbane Airport , afltravel , ANZAC are top liners who are providing their service from the platform powered by Drupal. Similarly, other multinational companies are McDonalds , PerthZoo , , 7/11 Etc. are some of the biggest companies who are delighted with services of Drupal too.

5. Miscellaneous

While you went through all of the lists from the top, you probably have figured that Drupal is by far the most worthy CMS which is both free/open source and powerful too. But, I don't want you guys to think that Drupal is suitable in specific sector only. There are several cool things you can achieve with Drupal , for instance, you can create a fully functioning E-commerce site or even create Job Portal or Internship web app or develop entertainment website like smooth too. Australian has also used Drupal to power few of the non-profit site like sarah . Few of the other interesting sites Sport and Recreation Centers and Regions , Tax Calculation , Energy Easy etc.

To conclude, Drupal has a vast majority of the users in Australia. As you can see almost every sector with technology, Drupal has great impact. So, if you are new in IT and if you are trying to build a career as Web Developer in Drupal, now is the perfect time to start. To start with, you can visit DrupalCamp hosted in here every 2/3 times a year or you can attend the meetups which are held which you can join on every week via. app name meetup .

P.S. I have used the Chrome extension Tool named to detect what's the web technology being implemented on the website during research.

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