Top 5 live coding learning sites

It's been a while I haven't got chance to write any posts due to my exams. And yes, I am finally done with my Master's Degree in IT. Moving to a new city, working and studying in a meantime, getting nostalgic after all was worth it. Life is all about a goal and luckily my ambition is apparent i.e. dive into "Drupal World" back again.

Although I had to take a little break from Drupal and coding for while, I believe to be professional you need to be in your 'A game' forever. Luckily, there were a couple of sites where I could casually visit and code and keep my passion alive. Today I want to mention few of those sites which teach you code and most of them are even free.

1. Freecodecamp

Number one on my list is freecodecamp . Unarguably it is the most amazing coding curriculum website I came across over a web. Despite being free, it has an awesome community who are always willing to help if you get stuck in any of their given challenges. Furthermore, they have a wide range of courses for both front and back-end developer, which are both up-to-date and relevant. Although they don't consist of any advanced courses, you will need all of that basic knowledge to march forward and become the great developer. One more thing I found really useful about this site is practice projects. They provide you with a certain task based on the knowledge you have gained from their courses so that you can learn by implementing too.

2. Codewars

My another personal favorite site to learn PHP is codewars . It consists of challenges for beginners all the way to become a proficient coder. And even lot of proficient programmers still train themselves using this site to keep their skill updated. It provides a range of programming languages so if you don't want to limit your self to one single language then feel free to experiment with other. To make things more interesting they have also facilitated programmers with a concept of the clan where you could become allies with other coders too. But you really need to commit yourself to join some of the active clans.

3. Codeacademy

If you are good at learning on your own in a self-paced environment then codeacademy is the best place to start with basic fundamentals. They provide you with a range of web-development courses like building websites from scratch or learning fundamentals of JS and trending Web API's. They provide you with pretty neat few hours on-demand courses like ReactJS and Angular from a basic level. Codeacademy also let you upgrade to pro version where you get a chance to experience a real-world problem with live support. It runs on a quite similar concept and has interfaces to execute code as freecodecamp does.

4. pluralsight & Thinkful

One thing I must mention you at the beginning is both of these sites are not free. Now if you really looking to learn quickly with someone else behind you poking every now and then constantly or if you don't have the patience to wait for a community to reply back to you when you get stuck then for any of those reasons, I highly recommend these two sites. Apart from the range of courses it offers, I want to highlight it's main feature which is, you get a dedicated mentor from thinkful ever week for half an hour plus mentors are online most of the time to help which could be real plus point. However, I haven't really got chance to test these sites, but a lot of the developers has suggested the site to be really helpful to be productive quickly.

The web is evolving rapidly more than ever before which apparently affects our working manner frequently too. It's a bitter truth but that's the nature of our work. Hence, you have to better accept the fact and invest time to be more awesome day by day.