Learning Drupal during Commute

Learners like me who are always keen to learn, relying only on the sources like blog posts and online tutorials are never enough. I believe learning could be done in several ways. Whether you are socializing with a bunch of guys with mutual interests like or listening to techie conversation, you are constantly learning. Also, from my personal experience staring at the screen to learn for long hours while learning could be bit tedious.

Today, I am going to mention another effective yet amusing way to learn or update yourself with Drupal i.e. by listening podcast. I have learned so much by listening podcast from past few months. One thing I have realized during my learning is, to become a Drupal prodigy you need to have few ideas about everything. However, with numerous technology emerging every day, it's impossible to learn all of it. Hence, exploring by listening conversation from expertise is one of the fruitful ways to have ideas about what's going on the Drupal world.

Many people enjoy listening to tech talk to motivate themselves every day while sipping their morning coffee even when they travel. I am also one of those people who love to listen to the podcast during traveling to my Uni, casual work or even to kill the boredom. Personally as a non-native English speaker, listening to the podcast has proven very beneficial to me. Learning a new jargon and to express yourself in a field you have chosen by listening has been absolutely delightful so far. Luckily, there is a couple of enthusiastic drupalist who publish the podcast on various topics every now and then. Here is the list of top 5 sites I want to share with you guys where I usually visit to listen interesting topic.

If you have more links please feel free to comment and share with us down below:

1. Lullabot podcast

2. Talking Drupal

3. Drupal easy podcast

4. Module unravel podcast

5. Ten7