Drupalize Nepal. Who are we and how it works?

Who Are We?

We all know Drupal is an open source software where anyone can download it for free and anyone can implement it. However, Drupal has a pretty steep learning curve if you want to dive deep and documentation is not sufficient that are available online. Lot's of a new developer who wants to choose their career as professional Drupalist cannot still continue their chosen path simply because of not enough guidance over a web. Even though there are few sites likes drupalize.me, Lynda and buildamodule who provides tutorials for the newbies, they charge money to you which simply is not reasonable to everybody especially in under developing countries like Nepal . Hence, DrupalizeNepal is a mere small effort to help Drupal community to grow in Nepal and to help new learners by providing any knowledge related to Drupal for free.

Who owns DrupalizeNepal?

This channel(Website) is built by Krishna Shakya and is currently solemnly maintained by himself from past few years. However, few people have a vital role to help to build this website. The proprietor of the website doesn't belong to anyone else but any contribution to the website will appear and appreciated via. website as a courtesy. Nonetheless, the content of the website could have been written by many of the users which content are copyright by DN and any plagiarism to the content will consider digital violence. Although sharing the content on social sites and taking a reference is completely accepted.  Hence, please do not copy content to avoid any legal action.

How does it work?

As I have already mentioned above that DN is a platform for open source believer that means anyone who is keen to contribute are warmly welcome. However, people being busy with their life (personal/professional) especially in Nepal where you can barely pursue your dream and survive without getting paid. Therefore, DN has brought new scheme where you will get paid if you publish anything related to Drupal via. DN and get paid up to Nrs 2500 straight away cash via. E-Sewa or Paypal. But then again it just a motivation factor, not any stunt to monetize the website. For further detail contact person below:

About the Creator?

Creator of DrupalizeNepal

Greetings Everbody! this is me a.k.a in drupal.org and yes I am the person behind the DrupalizeNepal. Currently, I reside in  Syndey, Australia and I am pursuing my master degree in MIT at Charles Sturt University . Also, not to mention but I am a part-time too, that's right freshly grounded coffee is what keeps me on. Ever since I have started Drupal, I wanted to build a learning platform for new learners. From the experience I have gained during the learning process, finding solutions on open source platform like Drupal is as hard as finding a needle in the haystack. This website's main goal is to provide information anything correlated to Drupal through blog posts and perhaps video tutorial in near future. I had a few teams before while building this website but I pretty much did everything on the website by myself from designing the front end, site building, architect and backend too. This small approach of mine is done for people who are keen to learn Drupal specifically in Nepal and you can also consider this small contribution as to show passion toward my profession. However, due to the fact that site is still in beta and a couple of things will be updated frequently, so if anyone wants to contact me with a different approach or better advice, feel free to contact me on my facebook or you could send an email too. Till then, Keep Drupaling :)!