Drupal top 10 blogging sites to follow

Nothing is better than reading a good blog post about the career you have chosen for living i.e. “Drupal” either with a cup of coffee or when you are traveling on a train, killing the boredom or just updating yourself with current trends. Drupal is all about the community where thousands of developers contribute every week. Hence, if you want to be on the game then you need to update yourself frequently and making a habit of reading a blog could be very rewarding.The Web is vast and could easily be mystifying these days, I am going to discuss few of my personal favorite websites blogger which I have compiled below.

1. https://internetdevels.com/blog

The very first on my list is a Ukrainian website Internetdevels. They are one of the complete Drupal service providers. This outsourcing company publishes blogs related to Drupal every once or twice a week. Being not only active in the community, they publish short and on point article with a good screenshot for readers. They also have the excellent response if you want to argue or you want to interrogate further, which is one of the reasons this website is on top on my list.

2. http://dri.es/

Second on my list is none other than “father of Drupal” i.e. Dries Buytaert Blog. A simple project from College dorm room has touched thousands of lives and millions of website over the Internet. Dries personal blogging website just recently changed its domain name from http://buytaert.net to http://dri.es/ . You can follow his blog post which publishes new article periodically.

Every blog post is written with great passion and is attentive toward the community. Blog post written by Dries usually announces huge triumph to show the progress of Drupal and it’s a good thing to have a knowledge about the prestige for the path you have chosen.

3. https://www.mydropwizard.com/blog

Mydropwizard post a mixture of the blog post and a podcast where you can listen to the discussion on the trendy module and different ongoing issues and other topics from well-known developers in the community. The podcast is made attention-grabbing with witty conversation and perfectly balanced between technical terms and less esoteric tactic.

4. https://www.mediacurrent.com/blog

Mediacurrent is my personal favorite spot to spend few hours every week too. They serve some of the top clients via. Drupal namely Nascars, UGA, Turner etc. Their blogs vary vastly including WordPress to D8 migration, multi-site installing, SEO and much more. It’s an impeccable site to subscribe their list to be professional drupaler’s.

5. http://www.wdtutorials.com/drupal/7/ or

Another in my list is wdtutorials, one of the modest appearing yet highly informative blogging website for learning Drupal. Not only does it write basic blogging for Drupal learner but also it posts a video for those who are more comfortable with visual learning rather than reading. It has divided it’s tutorial for both 7 and 8. Since both are still in equal trend on market. It also explains few tutorials for front-end developers like Bootstrap, Twig etc. to sharpen our skills.

Few of them are very helpful, especially to those who are new to Drupal or to those who find hard understanding high standard English.

6. https://modulesunraveled.com/blog

This site is mostly about the site building, their posts help us to build a custom module and building any complex architecture of the site. It emphasizes on modules every week with podcast and blog post. It also helps you to guide you through basic command line shell specially developed for Drupal known as Drush. Few of its popular blog post would be “Installing both Drush 7 and Drush 8”, “using composer in site for building Drupal site fast”, “Using Drupal console with Drupal 8” etc.

This website publishes the blog to those who are already savvy to Drupal and wants to edge down the skills more. So, yes if you want to be sleek in Drupal then this blog could be very handy.

7. https://www.drupaleasy.com/tutorials

The Drupal easy blog is women powered Drupal business who provides both Training and consulting on Florida. They provide screencasts, general discussion, tutorials and also ideas how to solve bigger problems. Their blog post contains collective information and coding correspondingly and its fun reading their blog’s since they post well-updated information.

8. https://www.lullabot.com/articles

Lullabot is an amazing distributed company based majorly on Drupal, where people from several locations works across the world. These people are highly vigorous on the community and these are the people who have done major projects like grammy.com, wwe.com, msnbc.com. The articles shared by Lullabot are really valuable and highly technical too. You need few background to understand the article but if you want to be professional then, trust me, more technical you understand easily the more competent you become.

9. http://codekarate.com/codekarate-posts

One of my least favorite but still amazingly helpful post from the past would be from codekarate. Although, they stop posting tutorials from “2015” and blog post their weekly module discussion is still amazing. If you haven’t still update from D7 or if you want to learn something more in D7 then going through their old post are really helpful.

10. https://www.appnovation.com/blog

My last but not the least Drupal blogger website would be Appnovation. Although they are a big company with hundreds of employees working on multiple popular platforms like Drupal, Magento, Laravel or even the big data and mobile development, they really seem to be obsessive about Drupal since the site itself is built on Drupal too. Their few recent post like the future of Drupal, post about accessibility, module development are really worth reading.

However, these list seems to be very long and time-consuming when you have to individually go through website every time. But there is a solution to this hassle i.e. RSS. As you might all know what RSS is, It’s a news aggregator where you can get a feed from a different website on a single page. A very popular open source news reader would be Tiny Tiny RSS( https://tt-rss.org/ ) where you can add and read the related feed from anywhere you like. It’s easier to manage and you can import your list to another aggregator app like Feedly too ( https://feedly.com/ ) and easily read in you Smart Phone.

Anchor I assume these lists are as interesting as me and hopefully, this links will help you in your web career. Till then keep #drupalizingnepal!

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