Blog Posts

It's been a while I haven't got chance to write any posts due to my exams. And yes, I am finally done with my Master's Degree in IT. Moving to a new city, working and studying in a meantime, getting nostalgic after all was worth it. Life is all about a goal and luckily my ambition is apparent i.e. dive into "Drupal World" back again.

Learners like me who are always keen to learn, relying only on the sources like blog posts and online tutorials are never enough. I believe learning could be done in several ways. Whether you are socializing with a bunch of guys with mutual interests like or listening to techie conversation, you are constantly learning. Also, from my personal experience staring at the screen to learn for long hours while learning could be bit tedious.

Since I have temporarily moved to Australia to pursue my MIT degree, I did a few research in my spare time to figure out how much Aussie’s are influenced by Drupal. From the outcome, I was quite astonished and overwhelmed that Australia has such an immense market place in Drupal. With an amazing array of Government, Educational, Health sector and non-profit sites being built in Drupal and number of high profile company opting for it, you can easily say that Australia is the place of fortune to build your career in Drupal.

Nothing is better than reading a good blog post about the career you have chosen for living i.e. “Drupal” either with a cup of coffee or when you are traveling on a train, killing the boredom or just updating yourself with current trends. Drupal is all about the community where thousands of developers contribute every week.